A.  No, we do not require medical proof.  If you feel your health condition presents barriers for you to start/run your business efficiently, then you qualify for EDP support!

A.  Any ongoing health condition that makes it difficult for you to do your job qualifies you for support in our program. Not all “disabilities” are visible, and we know that!

A.  No, the support dollars are paid directly to the service providers (EDP Coach, Training provider) on your behalf.

A.  Our program is available in rural Alberta only, but not in Calgary or Edmonton.  Please go to the Urban Partners section for contacts in those cities.

A.  All Community Futures offices are developmental lenders and can absolutely help you with financing.

A.  The Community Futures Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program will celebrate 25 years of operation in 2022!

A.  There are 27 Community Futures offices in rural Alberta, and we are happy to put you in touch with your local office. Or, you can go to our main website at www.albertacf.com and click the Contact tab.  Type in the name of your rural community and our Location Finder will offer you the contact information of your designated office.