Zebra Program Launch

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What is Neurodivergency?

Normalizing Neurodivergence The term “neurodivergent” is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of neurodevelopmental conditions and variations in cognitive functioning. It is used to describe individuals whose neurological development and functioning differ from what is considered typical or “neurotypical”.  Here’s a closer look at the concept of neurodivergence:   While autism and ADHD are commonly […]

Zebra Program

Zebras coaching Zebras How is this different from the mainstream Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program? The deliverable is the same – the coach builds capacity within the client to write and implement their business plan. The Zebra Program just offers another level of EDP Support! Coaching for neurodivergent clients delivered by neurodivergent coaches – it just […]

Wrapping Up our 25th Anniversary Celebration!

EDP 25th Anniversary Wrap Up Did you know the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) has been helping small businesses across Western Canada over the last 25 years?  Whether our clients have required support through one-on-one business consultation, business plan development, finding resources, or securing business loans, we are there for every chapter of business to ensure […]

British Columbia Success Stories

  British Columbia We are starting off in the most western province, British Columbia, to bring you stories of local entrepreneurs in celebration of the #EDP25Anniversary celebration!   Hannah McCormick – HM Virtual Assistance/Showing Up Solo Our first entrepreneur spotlight is of a Richmond, BC resident who is on a mission to demystify digital marketing […]

Alberta Success Stories

Away we go to another province! We continue our #EDP25Anniversary celebration spotlighting entrepreneurs and businesses that have found success in using the services of the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program in the province of Alberta.   Olivia Hoffman – Brain Waves First up we’d like to introduce one of our Mashup Lab graduates, Olivia Hoffman a […]

Saskatchewan Success Stories

Nicole de Gooijer – Head Quirk Designs Introducing our first entrepreneur story from Saskatchewan as we continue our #EDP25Anniversary celebration! Nicole de Gooijer began her entrepreneurship journey because of the flexibility and creativity it provided while dealing with the mental and physical tolls of chronic pain. Head Quirk Designs is based in Saskatoon where you […]

Manitoba Success Stories

We head to the final province in western Canada where we highlight another group of entrepreneurs who have been supported by the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) over the last 25 years!   Christina Hooper – Backcountry Fitness and Conditioning /Hoopers 80 Acre Ranch We continue our Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) 25th anniversary celebration […]

Press Release: December 3, 2022

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Celebrating 25 Years!

December 3, 2022