EDP Success Story Courtney Bertram

Courtney Bertram

Love Grows Wild Ranch

Millarville, AB

“Born and raised in the Alberta Foothills, Courtney is proud to now be ranching on a small scale on the same piece of land she was raised on as well as raising 4 beautiful young kids alongside her husband Brian.”

Courtney Bertram has battled anxiety and attention deficit disorder for most of her life. She also has a dream of starting and running her own business.

“These may not seem like challenging disabilities to some, but I have found that my ability to tackle all the things necessary when starting my business crippling at times,” said Courtney.

Determined to succeed, Courtney sought assistance from her local Community Futures office. Courtney worked together with CF representatives to help build her dream.

“The business was just an idea that I had put some planning and investment into, but was really just a dream before CF’s program,” explained Courtney.

“The advice and guidance they offer along with the support to get the courses I needed set me on a path to success.”

While Courtney’s business is still growing, she said she is able to look back to a year ago and see how far she has come and what she has learned – including how to handle setbacks.

“My resilience and determination are stronger for having had the support the whole way through the growing pains. My disability was never the focus but always something that was taken into consideration and support was given when it was appropriate.”

Courtney added that the support she received through the program let her continue when her disabilities held her back from moving forward on her own.

“The support I received from CF helped me work with my disability to create a business that is successful, and I now feel able to hire out the tasks that create the most anxiety and strain so I am better able to focus on growing my business.”

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