Zebras coaching Zebras

How is this different from the mainstream Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program?
The deliverable is the same – the coach builds capacity within the client to write and implement their business plan. The Zebra Program just offers another level of EDP Support! Coaching for neurodivergent clients delivered by neurodivergent coaches – it just makes sense.

What do Zebra coaches do differently?
Our Zebra coaches are all successful entrepreneurs, and they’ve built their businesses around their unique learning abilities and their tips and tricks to break down their own barriers.  They understand what it means to learn differently, and can adapt their teaching styles to their Zebra client needs.  Some clients are visual learners, some need to take notes to learn, some need to just listen to learn and some may need to learn by putting their instructions into practice (learn by doing.)  Our Zebra coaches can meet the Zebra clients where they are on the learning curve!


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